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Chapter 36 – The Youth That Attracted Spirit And Seized Souls, Even the prostitutes that were originally in the middle of entertaining the handsome youths, couldn’t help but pause their delicate voices, their eyes staring towards the door., A youth wearing white scholar clothes slowly walked over, his long eyebrows like willows, his cold eyes similar to stars, his skin was like jade; porcelain fair and delicate. As the sunlight fell on his high and straight nose, not even the tiniest flaw could be seen., The youth’s stature was not tall, instead it was slender and beautiful, his body looking obviously weak. When his cold glance swept over, it gave people an oppressed feeling, like the cold frost from unyielding snow., Seeing this youth, they couldn't help but be stunned. Under the brilliant sunshine, he resembled a spot of pure white snow, a natural and pure beauty, bright and glamorous without boundaries., A man standing not far away from the youth choked on his own saliva, inattentively muttering, "Which family’s little young master is this, why is the feeling he gives off so…so…" Able to attract a spirit and seize the soul!, Obviously he is a man, and it was only a youth that resembled a delicate and soft girl, but it was as if his soul was being stolen, he itched to rushed over and get close in broad daylight., However, just as he had taken two steps forward, wanting to touch the youth’s fair and tender cheek, he felt a burst of pain spread throughout his entire body. His body suddenly flew through the air, landing heavily on the ground., The youth's ice cold gaze swept over everyone on the scene, as he slowly asked, "This here is Zhangle workshop casino?", This youth that made everyone stunned is actually Hexi disguised as a man!, Hexi had been afraid that Nalan Hexi's appearance would be recognised by people, she also thought that woman's clothes would be in the way. Therefore, she had used her excellent make up techniques to change her appearance., In people's eyes, the her of now, besides looking somewhat slim and short on the outside, she also looks like an unassuming fifteen to sixteen year old youngster. Even if a doctor were to take her pulse, it would be very difficult for them to see through her disguise., However, what she didn't expect, was that even though she obviously looked like a man now, but Nalan Hexi’s alluring appearance could unexpectedly still attract so many people., It's just that if they wanted to take any advantages from her, Hexi, they must consider their own abilities first!, After getting an answer, Hexi no longer paid any attention to everyone, and with a quick pace, she entered the noisy casino., Sure enough, there was Zhang Dezhong, leaning forward and resting his upper body on the gambling table, his hoarse voice shouting angrily., "I don’t believe I can't win!!" He firmly smashed the chips on the gambling table, "This is my small bet to open six big, I don't believe it won’t be big. Quickly open!", The appearance of the dealer that was shaking the dice changed, a cunning expression sweeping past his eyes., Hexi had a moment of realisation, the corner of her mouth arching into a grim curve. It seemed that this Zhang Dezhong was unaware he was being defrauded by people., Sure enough, once the dice opened, the result was still small., Zhang Dezhong angrily punched the gambling table, shouting loudly, "Damn! Why am I so unlucky today, you will also no longer give me one hundred chips!", However, the dealer's expression showed disgust, sneering, "Butler Zhang, you already owe one thousand yuan to this gambling house, if you keep adding to the amount you owe, how will you pay it all back?", "What did you say?!" Zhang Dezhong rushed to grab the dealer's clothes, and with a stern voice, "Do you know who I am? I now have plenty of yuan, don't you look down on me…ow!", He still hadn’t finished speaking, yet he was kicked by someone.,

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